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This Beautiful Life


Bellia, inspired by the Italian meaning for beautiful, bella. Bellia is more than a company. It’s a celebration of life, a non-stop party for people who love beauty, fun, fashion, health, friendship… and each other. This high-energy tribe of style-minded folk burst onto the scene because the world is ready to smile again. Bellia’s big-hearted vibe can be traced to its roots in a brotherhood of business partners and friends spread across three countries and two continents. Gary Heavin, Gonzalo Artiach and Antonio Barrera founded Bellia for the joy of creating together a joy they will be spreading to thousands, and then millions, of others. With hot-trending jewelry that every woman can relish, and every man can applaud, their mission is to throw sparkles of happiness across the globe.

Gary Heavin’s story is a classic tale of the American dream. A brilliant young entrepreneur, he made his first million in his early twenties, then lost everything in a financial and personal catastrophe. By 50, he was a billionaire. He rebuilt his life by sheer force of talent and commitment and with the creation of Curves, the women’s fitness franchise, he went on to become a world-renowned business icon. Gary has the rare distinction of being named “best entrepreneur in the United States” by Ernst and Young, and he has achieved a level of success, with all the material benefits that flow from it, that most can only dream of.

What makes Gary unusual is that he has dedicated his entire adult life to helping women live better. Reflecting on the story of Curves, he gives a very personal explanation of this unique dedication. “I was teaching a fitness class for women and realized I was constantly scanning the room, looking for my mother. She died when I was 13 from a combination of ailments that I now know were all preventable.
In helping women become healthier, I was really trying to save my mom.” Shortly after this realization, Gary founded Curves. His aim: to provide a safe place for women who felt excluded by the macho culture of traditional fitness centers. “The habit of exercise changes — and saves —lives,” Gary explains. “It’s the key to losing weight, getting healthy and restoring natural beauty. Curves removed the barriers to these benefits for our sisters, wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers.”

Gary Heavin

Curves was the fastest growing franchise anywhere in the world, and it holds that record to this day. The way it grew offers a clue to Gary’s excitement about his latest venture, Bellia. Traditionally, franchises are aggressively marketed with expensive advertising and professional sales teams. Curves grew almost entirely through word of mouth. Women were so excited by the benefits they received as customers, many of them wanted to launch a Curves in their own local community. Gary insisted on keeping the cost of the franchise low — well below its potential price. Gary describes himself as “an opportunity creator”, and this was an important motive behind Curves: another clue to the new Bellia venture. The net result was spectacular. While McDonalds and Subway took about 25 years to reach 5,000 franchises, Curves achieved this target in just 5 years. The company eventually had 10,000 local Curves centers in 92 countries.

From Gary’s point of view, the biggest reason for Curves’ success was the purpose that drove the venture. That purpose can be captured in one word: “Service.” Inspired by his Christian faith, Gary describes himself as a person with “a servant’s heart.” He points out that the role of a leader is to serve those he or she leads, not to be served by them. Just as important, he’s discovered that when you come from a place of service, you attract others with the same orientation. That’s what he experienced with Curves and the franchisees he recruited. It’s what he anticipates in the new and different enterprise called Bellia.

From Business Partners to Family

During the rapid growth of Curves, Gary got to know two brilliant young men — one from Spain, one from Mexico. He mentored them and encouraged their growth in the organization, watching them become master franchisees responsible for huge international territories. Through this collaboration, Gonzalo and Antonio become like family to him — “my Spanish son and my Mexican son.” A relationship of total trust and mutual respect was built over 20 years of constant business collaboration. This remarkable trio is now set to launch an entirely new venture, driven by the same passion and values that created the success of Curves worldwide.

Gonzalo Artiach is one of the most infectiously cheerful entrepreneurs you can hope to meet. Known simply as “Happy” since he was a child, he has an unbroken track-record of business success, largely achieved by his ability to attract and inspire loyal teams. Paradoxically, behind the lively smile is a methodical business mind, always insisting on attention to detail and resilient systems. That was a gift of birth: Gonzalo hails from five generations of entrepreneurs, with 200 years of creating and leading companies. Since his grandfather’s time, the Artiach name has adorned the most prestigious cookie brand in his native Spain. His mother was a business phenomenon, too, from an equally long line of entrepreneurial adventurers.

Gonzalo Artiach
Antonio Barrera

For fifteen years, Gonzalo’s closest business collaborator, turned dear friend, has been Antonio Barrera. Throughout that time, the inseparable pals have ridden the rollercoaster of business life together, suffering struggle and hardship, and rejoicing in the thrill of creation and the rewarding growth of success. Antonio, like Gonzalo, is a born entrepreneur. One taste of corporate life convinced him that the only path he’d enjoy would be building businesses. He started by fixing antiques, and then exported his own line of furniture. He also explored the world of direct selling. In Mexico, where he was born, he took command of a prestigious French skincare brand that he runs today – along with multiple Curves locations around the globe. His adventures have taken him all over the world, and he has mastered — in addition to Spanish — English, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

A Business for the 2020s

All three founders of Bellia have enjoyed tremendous success with international brick-and-mortar retail operations. But for this new company, launching in a fast-changing world, they’ve decided to forgo that pathway to sales. Instead, they’ve designed an exciting business model that’s as future-oriented as their products. Bellia has created multiple opportunities for customers to participate in the company’s growth and earn generous rewards. The creative concept is to blend different ways of sharing the products, so everyone can choose the format that feels best for her or him.

Any customer can elect to become a Bellia Brand Affiliate and own a free online Bellia Boutique, bearing their own name and personal story alongside the company brand. Visitors to this personal store select and purchase products, which are shipped direct by Bellia. That means there’s no cost to the Brand Affiliate — yet a generous commission is paid with every sale. No internet or design skills are needed: it’s all created for you, including every aspect of tracking sales and income. You just invite your friends to step into your digital store.

And what if you love to party? Welcome to Bellia, where having fun is as important as making money! Wherever safely possible, there will be “Girls Night” parties, to enjoy the Bellia products with laughter, chatter, music and a glass of wine. To make sure everyone’s included, these will be matched by fabulous online parties, so that there’s always a way to make personal connections while exploring the products.

Bellia has another option if you’re a little more ambitious, and you’d love to create a whole new monthly recurring income. You can become an independent Bellia Brand Partner and build a team of Brand Affiliates and Brand Partners. You’ll be rewarded for the sales your team makes, and there can be even more income for you if they build teams of their own. As a Bellia Brand Partner, there’s no limit to where your dreams can take you. Perhaps your life would be lifted by just a few hundred extra dollars a month or maybe you’d like to build yourself a new career and replace your current income. Maybe you’re an experienced networker and leader, ready to strive for the big time.
Whatever your goals, Bellia has a way for you to reach them.

The founders of Bellia are global players. Their history together spans dozens of different countries, and they are completely at ease with building success on an international scale. While taking root in the United States, Bellia is set to expand worldwide, greatly expanding the opportunity of its Brand Partners.

The financial promise of the Bellia opportunity is substantial for those willing to invest the enthusiasm and energy required. Money cannot be the ultimate motive, though. As Gary Heavin says, “No matter what point you are in your life, you have a purpose. When your gifts, experiences and passions align, that’s a signal you’re at the right threshold — step through that door.”

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