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#5,Bellia Corporate

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Beautiful Life

The story of Bellia

Bellia, inspired by the Italian meaning for beautiful, bella. Bellia is more than a company. It’s a celebration of life, a non-stop party for people who love beauty, fun, fashion, health, friendship… and each other. This high-energy tribe of style-minded folk burst onto the scene because the world is ready to smile again. Bellia’s big-hearted vibe can be traced to its roots in a brotherhood of business partners and friends spread across three countries and two continents. Gary Heavin, Gonzalo Artiach and Antonio Barrera founded Bellia for the joy of creating together a joy they will be spreading to thousands, and then millions, of others. With hot-trending jewelry that every woman can relish, and every man can applaud, their mission is to throw sparkles of happiness across the globe.


that delight

As a beauty brand, Bellia is based on a simple and winning formula. Identify the top-trending designs, create products of exceptional quality, and offer them to consumers at a lower cost than their big-name competitors. The company is launching with a line of exquisite jewelry, sourced from top designers and craftspeople around the world. The products Bellia offers are instantly relatable because they’re so finely tuned to the fashions of today. Women everywhere can feel confident and uplifted, selecting from a generous array of necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and brooches. As the company grows, Bellia plans to expand its product line to embrace fashion-forward accessories as well as skincare, cosmetics and hair products. Every new addition will have to satisfy the Bellia criteria: fashion-forward, supreme quality, and easily affordable. Customers will find they’re enjoying more than the physical products. They’ll be invited into a life-loving community with a youthful, friendly, positive spirit. As Gonzalo put it: “We want to help people look great. But even more, we want to help them live great.”

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